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Hundreds of thousands of tulips are blooming in the BC Lower Mainland to remember the liberation of The Netherlands by Canadians

In the coming weeks, ‘Canadian Liberator’ tulips will be blooming around the BC Lower Mainland and throughout the province. More than 740,000 tulip bulbs were planted last fall across Canada. The Dutch Liberation 2020 Canadian Society thanks cities, towns, the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, New Chelsea Society seniors’ homes, private citizens, landscapers, the Rotary Club of Vancouver and other groups for their participation in planting tulips. The Society initiated the “Canadian Liberator” program to honor fallen Canadian men and women, and to thank families and Canada for their contributions to end World War Two, 75 years ago.

Notable locations for viewing large plantings of red, ‘Canadian Liberator’ blooming tulips include Seaforth Armoury, Victory Square and Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver, New Chelsea Society seniors’ homes and at the Highway of Heroes sign in the Fraser Valley on Highway One. Pop up “Thank you Canada” posters may be seen at tulip plantings throughout the community. The thousands of tulips remind us all that 75 years ago Canadians helped European families overseas from hunger and starvation and the tyrannies of war, and today, we say “Thank you Canada”.

The Society worked with the Royal Canadian Legion BC/Yukon Command, the Consulate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Vancouver, Vancouver Parks Board, Veterans Affairs Canada, BC educators – supported by BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation, and tulip grower Van Noort Bulb Co. Ltd, and numerous volunteers to give rise to the “Canadian Liberator” program. Teachers that planted tulips with their classes last fall, supporting the education program “Celebrating Liberation with a Promise”, continue to encourage education with online learning through video, pictures and stories of tulips blooming in BC. In turn, they are sharing with students the heroic efforts of the Canadian army to liberate the people of the Netherlands and to recognize the special bond that still remains today between the Netherlands and Canada; “Two Countries with One Spirit”!
During the past 18 months, the Society built a strong bond of friendship with more than 40 branches of the Royal Canadian Legion in British Columbia planning to mark the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands and the Victory in Europe with Candlelight Tributes and a Commemoration Service. Sadly, these tributes had to be cancelled due to COVID-19. Now, the Society looks to future generations to continue to pass on the heartfelt thankfulness of the Netherlands to Canada. More information is available on the website of the Dutch Liberation 2020 Canadian Society and “Faces to Graves (a unique program in the Netherlands to commemorate the service of Canadian veterans).

Please be mindful to maintain physical and social distancing and avoid congregating while enjoying the tulips.

For more information, please contact Dr. Adriana Zylmans, President,
Dutch Liberation 2020 Canadian Society at

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