5000 tulip bouquets to front line workers, WW II veterans and residents in senior care

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On April 22, 2020, 5000 bouquets of tulips will be distributed to more than 20 care homes, retirement residences, and hospitals throughout the Lower Mainland.

With grant monies received from private and corporate sponsors, Veterans Affairs Canada, the City of Chilliwack, City of Burnaby, and the City of Langley, tulip bulbs were planted by Van Noort Bulb Co. Ltd., on behalf of the Dutch Liberation 2020 Canadian Society.  Now bouquets of fresh tulips will, with the help of volunteers of Tenold Transportation and Van Noort Bulb Co. Ltd., be given to thank front line health care workers during COVID-19, to bring delight to senior residents in care homes isolated from their families, and to honour World War II Canadian veterans who helped to liberate the Netherlands and achieve Victory in Europe, 75 years ago. 

On April 11, 2019, the Parliament of Canada approved a private members bill and declared May 5th to be Dutch Heritage Day to recognize the contributions Dutch-Canadians have made to the fabric of Canada.  On the second anniversary of Dutch Heritage Day the Vancouver Consulate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands together with the Dutch Liberation 2020 Canadian Society will acknowledge the occasion in British Columbia with the giving of tulips.  

We highlight just some of the homes whose workers are courageously and tirelessly looking after seniors including Chelsea Park, George Derby Centre, and Haro Park Centre.  Other care homes and retirement residences and hospitals receiving bouquets of tulips include Chilliwack General Hospital, Mission Memorial Hospital, Abbotsford Regional Hospital & Cancer Centre, Cottage – Worthington Pavilion, Langley Memorial Hospital, Burnaby Hospital, Surrey Hospital Critical Care Tower, Royal Columbia Hospital, Berkley Care Centre, Lynn Valley Care Centre, Amica Edgemont Village, George Pearson Centre (Ward 1), Windermere Care Centre, Royal Arch Masonic Home Society, Central City Lodge, Villa Cathay Care Home, South Granville Park Lodge, Brookside Lodge, Magnolia Gardens, and Harrison Landing.

World War II veterans are cared for by the New Chelsea Society which was one of the first Legion housing societies to be organized in Canada, founded in 1952 by a joint venture of Branches of the Royal Canadian Legion in the Vancouver area.  Special thanks to the New Chelsea Society for planting 10,000 tulip bulbs and to elementary students from Burnaby schools for planting tulip bulbs in Memorial Park at George Derby Centre to commemorate the sacrifices and service of Canadian veterans.  The George Derby Centre has existed since the end of World War II as a housing and rehabilitation facility for veterans of the Armed Forces who were returning from a theatre of war. 

Haro Park Centre supports Vancouver’s West End Community and is the result of a cooperative vision between the Jewish Building Society and the Netherlands Association for Senior Care, providing multiple levels of care on one site since 1980. 

Our distribution of tulip bouquets at all the care institutions mentioned is an expression of thanks to every worker in BC who selflessly and bravely serves the residents and their community, day by day, just by being on the job. 

The Dutch Liberation 2020 Canadian Society and the Vancouver Consulate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands extend their gratefulness to care homes and front line workers for caring for veterans and senior alike; “Thank you Canada” for the veterans who sacrificed their lives to save the lives of the Dutch.  We will remember them!  And to all front line workers, you are a gift to many.  Thank you!

For more information, please contact Mr. Rene Bourghouts, Deputy Consul,
Vancouver Consulate, Kingdom of the Netherlands, rene.borghouts@minbuza.nl
Dr. Adriana Zylmans, president azylmans@telus.net
or Mr. Erik van der Ven, vice-president, erik@dutchcanada2020.com
Dutch Liberation 2020 Canadian Society or visit www.dutchcanada2020.ca

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