Global Teenager Project – Echoes 2020

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A teacher/student project seeking to link 75 Canadian Schools with 75 Schools in the Netherlands.  British Columbia students  from grade 7 to grade 12 may participate.  The focus of the global initiative is for teachers and students from the Netherlands and across Canada to work together to research a unit of study that may impact learning about “Liberation 1945”.  There are strong bonds between Canada and The Netherlands from WWII. It’s our aim this year to connect 75 classes, grades 7 – 12  from Canada with 75 Dutch classes from February – April 2020.
Small groups of students from both countries will be linked to each other, to start looking for stories and (re)sources from ’40 to ’45 in their own community.
Sources can be conversations with people who have experienced war or through stories of family members, written history, pictures, monuments, museums. 
Students can use these sources for ‘Echoes from the past’ to strengthen their ‘Stories for the future’. The information they discover can motivate them to look at some of the past themes that carry over to the issues impacting our world today. For more information about the project visit  The registration link is at the bottom of the  page,  Additional information about ambassadors supporting the program may be found at. .  

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