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Dutch Liberation 2020 Canadian Society

In cities across Canada we commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands and the rest of Europe from April 2020 to July 2020.

Celebrating 75 Years of Freedom

On August 31, 2018, the Dutch Liberation 2020 Canadian Society was formed in partnership with the Royal Canadian Legion and registered with the BC Societies Registrar. The group is coordinating efforts to provide various events and activities in Canada to thank and to honour Canada and its soldiers, sailors, and airmen.

2020 Liberation program

Program Overview

Our liberation celebration program includes an educational project for school children, a tulip project, Remembrance Day services, Prinses Christina Concert, King's Day, and a musical Cinematique with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

About the Dutch Liberation 2020 Canadian Society

About Us

Representatives from the Royal Canadian Legion, and members of various Dutch organizations in Canada joined together and created this Society. Learn more about the founding members of the society, our associates and sponsors.

Volunteers needed for Dutch Canadian Liberation Day 2020

Volunteers Needed

We are seeking volunteers to help with committee work and planning of events and activities.

Planting Tulips to Thank Canada

We have chosen the tulips ‘Canadian Liberator’ and ‘Strong Love’ to help raise awareness of the many sacrifices made by our soldiers, sailors, and airmen and to thank Canada for its contributions to end World War II in Europe.

Our goal is to plant as many red tulips across the country in cities, towns, villages, parks, and home gardens, to create an atmosphere of overwhelming thanks and appreciation of Canada and its veterans.

Join in the fall 2019 excitement to accomplish our goal for Spring 2020 to decorate the town red with flowering tulips.

Coquitlam War Bride Remembers

Elsley Foulds
Elsley and Yetty Foulds

“The veterans parade in Apeldoorn created moments of overwhelming tears for my husband, for he felt in his heart how the people expressed such appreciation and thankfulness for their freedom – he realized the fight for freedom had really been worth the price”.

Elsley and Yetty Foulds

Previous Celebrations

Letter Pierre TrudeauIn a letter written by Prime Minster Pierre Elliott Trudeau on the occasion of the 25th anniversary in 1970 he stated “The Netherlands and Canada are bound by friendship that is strong and true. It has been reinforced by our common struggle for freedom during World War II and by the remarkable contributions to their adopted land of our many citizens of Dutch origin. There could be no more eloquent affirmation of this friendship than “Operation Thank You Canada”.

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25th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands in Ottawa

Mr. G. Bouman, Mr. H. van Hest, Mr. H. Steen, Mr. G. van Gelderen, and Mr. W. Zylmans coordinated and sponsored the sending of 35 Canadian veterans, liberators of the country, to return to Holland to participate in the liberation anniversary of VE Day.

Veterans experienced firsthand the gratitude of the Dutch people to Canada and its Canadian soldiers.

Veterans participated in the liberation parade in Apeldoorn and and visited their fallen comrades buried at war cemeteries in Bergen op Zoom and in Arnhem.

On April 24, 1995, Mr. Klaas Elgersma, President, Dutch Canadians Remember 1945 Society, presented to the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation the offer of a monument as a token of appreciation to the people of Canada for their participation in the 1945 liberation of the Netherlands.

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50th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands by Dutch-Canadians in Vancouver, British Columbia

60 Years of LiberationVANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 2010 – The six British Columbia regiments, which helped liberate the Netherlands in 1944 and 1945 from its brutal Nazi oppressor, each received an oak-mounted plaque commemorating the country’s regained freedom.  Okanagan-based Dutch-born sculptor Geert Maas made twelve such bronze plaques.  The other six will become the property of sponsors.


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News and Updates

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Historical Overview
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Founding Members of The Society