Dutch liberation marked with tulips at Langley care home

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Source: Aldergrove Star

Seniors received tulips thanks to a local bulb company

It has been 75 years since Canadian Forces troops helped liberate the Netherlands from Nazi occupation, but the Dutch Liberation Society is still marking the memory of those days with Langley seniors.

Magnolia Gardens Care Centre, a Langley seniors residence, received 105 bouquets of tulips from the society to mark the occasion.

Dr. Adriana Zylmans heads up the society, and her uncle Jon van Dongen is a Magnolia Garden resident. He was living in the village of Geertruidenberg during the liberation.

“Anything that brightens up our residents days’ at this time is really important,” said Pam Murphy, general manager at Magnolia Gardens. “These beautiful tulips come with extra meaning that matters to so many of our residents!”

Magnolia was just one of 20 Metro Vancouver care homes that received the bouquets, which were provided from the Van Noort Bulb Company.

lady with tulips in elderly care home
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